Along Comes a Squirrel in Five Little Acorns Song

You’ve heard the “five little acorns” song. You can tell that the acorns are swaying in a tree, but how does the song end? In this article we’ll explore the lyrics and the story behind the song. You’ll find out what happens next and why this classic rhyme is so popular. You’ll also discover how it came to be. In this article you’ll learn the song’s origin, lyrics, and meaning.

Along comes a squirrel

The frog in the Meadow and the music from Now I’m Two have made a new song, “Along comes a squirrel in the five little – acorns!” This time, a gray squirrel scurries through the autumnal woods and finds one acorn. While the acorn sways in the tree, four of the acorns remain. One squirrel finds a single acorn, which he carries up into the tree to share with his friends.

Along sways a tree

In “Along sways a tree in five little Acorns Song,” a tiny acorn named Lulu wonders what his purpose in life is. He soon grows to become a giant oak, but he doesn’t produce oranges or beautiful flowers like his other friends. He finds out, though, that he does have a special purpose. The tree also gives children wisdom and the chance to realize their purpose in life.

Along sways an acorn

This wistful folktale about the transformation of a small acorn into a massive oak tree tells the story of a girl named Lulu. Although she is small, the young acorn is unsure of her purpose in life, and when she grows up to become a Big Oak, she is unable to produce oranges or beautiful flowers like her friends. Instead, she finds her purpose as an oak tree that shaded everything below it.

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