Bible-Based Preschool Sunday School Crafts

The Bible is an excellent source of preschool Sunday school crafts. This activity allows children to explore different bible verses and stories. Children can create bible toys that embody various stories and virtues. These crafts will help children take the messages from the Bible with them throughout life. Some preschool crafts to make with your child include faith like a seed, Noah’s ark, 9 fruit charms, and Donkey ears. The possibilities are endless.

Faith Like a Seed

Create a wall hanging for your Faith Like a Seed preschool Sunday school craft. Draw a large mustard plant and draw the words, FAITH, on the top. Decorate the edges with stickers, glitter, and markers. When the children finish their project, have them pray and name a prayer request. Then, they can display their finished product in their classroom. Here’s how:

First, review the Bible verse with your children. Write each seed on a paper plate or other surface. Have children place the seeds in the correct position. Review the Bible verse several times. You may also want to have each child take turns placing the seeds. Encourage them to share their ideas and words with others in the class. Then, they can take turns choosing the seeds and placing them. When the children have finished arranging the seeds, have them say the Bible verse out loud.

Noah’s Ark

This Noah’s Ark Preschool Sunday School Craft is perfect for children to learn about God’s Rainbow Promise. Younger children can use finger paint to create a rainbow on their arks. If you plan on making this craft with a large group of children, consider changing the colors and using special paint brushes, sponges, or Bingo Dab Markers. This craft will still keep your children entertained and will teach them a valuable lesson about God’s love.

To make the ark, you will need some macaroni noodles, which can be dyed with vinegar and food coloring. Allow the noodles to dry before decorating them. Next, use rainbow glue to create a colorful ark. Print out the picture of Noah’s ark and a verse from the book of John. You can also cut out and laminate it. You can decorate it with animal crackers, stickers, or pictures.

9 fruit charms

Create beautiful and unique charms for your children with this simple, yet meaningful preschool Sunday school craft. The 9 fruit charms symbolize the nine fruits of the spirit, which are listed in Galatians 5:22-23. These are love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These charms can also be used as decorative tags in rooms, pouches, or pockets.

While you’re at it, make a craft that doubles as a keepsake! This colorful craft is easy to make and doubles as a keepsake of your little ones’ handprints! It also has fun shapes and textures. Kids will love the funky texture! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your preschoolers will get the hang of it! Make a dozen or more and share them with your children as a fun way to learn about colors and shapes.

Donkey ears

Donkey ears are one of the easiest crafts to make with kids, especially if you’re able to provide an easy-to-follow pattern. To make donkey ears, first cut out a donkey head shape from a paper plate. Once the donkey is cut out, glue it onto the cardboard roll. You can make the ears even more realistic by cutting small darts in the bottom of the ear. You can also decorate the donkey with yarn or glue.

Donkey ears can also be made from paper bags. They are similar to cat ears, but rounder. To make the ears, simply cut out circles of paper and glue them to the flat part of the paper bag. Be sure to position the eyes toward the top of the bag. When the painting is dry, turn the handprint upside down and let the kids add the rest of the details with dark-colored markers. Then, let them shake the paper bag puppet to make it make a sound.


This self-portrait craft for preschool Sunday school can be a fun way to engage young learners in drawing and painting. Children can draw a portrait of themselves using black markers or pencils. They should be taught to draw their heads in a proportional manner. After they learn how to make the head shape, they can add details like buttons, pockets, zippers, patterns, and shoelaces. Once the children have finished their drawing, they can color the portrait using black markers or oil pastels.

For young preschoolers, you can use a theme like “All About Me” to incorporate a fun activity that teaches them about their own personalities and their unique qualities. They can also discuss their body parts and their names through this craft. It is also simple to prepare and is a great way to teach your preschoolers about themselves. These are just some of the skills that can be introduced with this simple activity.

Story of Tabitha Dorcas

Children will love learning about the life of Tabitha Dorcas, also known as Dorcas. This Bible story is a part of the dynamic growth in the life of the early Christian church after Pentacost. Tabitha was a woman from Joppa who helped the poor and widows and was raised to life by Peter. Peter resurrected her and used her example to build a church. The craft you make will honor this inspiring story of faith.

Dorcas was only mentioned once in the Bible, but her life and death are well-known for providing insights into the Christian faith. The Bible tells the story of an elderly widow living in the coastal city of Joppa. She was a Christian, who worked as a seamstress, and cared for widows. Her actions have inspired many Christians since. This craft will give children the opportunity to learn about a woman who gave her life to serve others.

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