Daniel and the Lions Den Preschool Lesson Plan

Read the story of Daniel and the lions den to your preschoolers. Discuss what Daniel learned and what he did during his adventure in the lions’ den. Then have your preschoolers craft a lion paper model and discuss Daniel’s experience with King Darius. You can also create an activity based on the story such as a Lion’s head welcome. You can even use a printer for this activity.

Isaiah 41:10

This free preschool lesson plan is designed to teach young children about the story of Daniel and the lions’ den. It contains several activities for preschoolers to engage in during the story. Readers are encouraged to modify it according to their own learning styles and preferences. A puppet story will help them show their understanding by telling it to their neighbor. Children will enjoy welcoming activities like coloring the lion’s head. It will be used in a later lesson.

During the story, children will see how Daniel faced the lions without fear and that he was not afraid because he was able to trust God’s help. They will also see how the Bible verse refers to God’s victorious right hand. For the activity, the Junior Playwrights will be divided into small groups and will write a mini-skit together.

Daniel’s adventure in the lion’s den proved to King Darius

The story of Daniel’s adventure in the lion’d den is a famous biblical story. The lions’ den was a place of terror and danger, but Daniel was spared by an angel of God. He had declared that he had done no wrong before the king. The king feared that Daniel would be killed or die, and ordered the men accused of his crime to be thrown into the den with him. When King Darius learned of Daniel’s adventure in the den, he sent men to the den to watch over him.

Daniel’s adventure in the lion’d den proved to King Darius that the God is real and can answer our prayers. The lions’ den symbolizes political infighting, and Daniel’s survival in the cave was symbolic of Christ’s resurrection. And his faith in God was rewarded by a miraculous heavenly encounter. As a result, the lions’ den is an apt metaphor for Congress.

Daniel’s prayer to God

The story of Daniel’s courageous and brave actions is one that will stay with you for a long time. The lions were extremely hungry and did not like people sleeping in their dens. Because of this, the king was jealous of Daniel and wanted to ruin his reputation. They thought long and hard about how Godliness made Daniel different from the other men. They also knew that Daniel prayed to God three times a day. They tricked the king into signing a law that stated that anyone praying to someone other than God would be thrown into a den of hungry lions.

This Bible lesson is a favorite of many preschoolers. It teaches that God is trustworthy. Daniel never wavered in his faith in God and flourished because of it. By telling his story to his neighbor with his puppet, the children will show that they understand the story. In addition, the story is an excellent lesson for teaching children to pray to God in the face of danger. The lions in Daniel’s story were frightened of God, but their fear didn’t prevent him from praying to God.

Lion’s head welcome activity

As part of the welcome activity for a Daniel and the Lion’s Den preschool lesson, children should cut out a lion’s head. Place it on the flap of a paper bag. Then, allow the children to glue the bottom half of the lion’s head underneath the flap. Once dry, they should be able to place it on their own paper bag.

During the Bible lesson, read Daniel 6:2-4 aloud. Read Daniel 6:6-7 and the following verses to the children. Read the story again with pictures so the children can act it out. This activity also provides a wonderful opportunity for children to practice responsive listening skills. Afterward, they can share the story with their parents. In turn, they can act out the story as if they were there.

Personalized lion’s name tag

Bringing a preschool bible lesson to life can be tough when you’ve got active kids. With this lesson, your students will learn to appreciate Daniel’s bravery and trust in God even if it means facing a lion’s den. Create a personalized lion’s name tag for each student to wear during the preschool lesson. Here’s how.

You can customize a lion’s name tag with materials like feathers, yarn, sparkle glue, safety pins, tape, or even a tiger mask. Alternatively, you can use a circle-shaped paper craft to help your child practice his scissor skills. You can even purchase precut circle lion name tags from a craft store.

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