Easy Felt Board Stories to Make With Flannel Pieces

Using flannel pieces to create games is a low-stress way to incorporate flannel pieces into storytime. Not only will they add a sense of play and encourage open-ended conversation, they also teach children the serve-and-return model of talking. Making your own flannel pieces is simple, so even beginners can make them. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or a novice.

Mr. Potato Head

You’ll need several parts for this project, including Mr. Potato Head. To make the head, trace the potato template onto brown felt. Cut out the potato pieces. Now you’re ready to create your story! Don’t forget to add a few potatoes on top! Then, glue the pieces together. When finished, paint the felt pieces with a food coloring to make them look like mashed potatoes.

If you’re looking for a fun activity for kids to enjoy, you can try making an easy felt board story featuring Mr. Potato Head. You can find a free printable for this project or a simple tutorial to make your own. This character is one of the most popular characters from Pixar’s Toy Story movies. While he’s moody and sarcastic, he seems to be very romantic under all that sass!

It was first created in 1949, when George Lerner, an inventor from Brooklyn, began using real food as toys. Toy manufacturers were quick to respond, and in 1964, Hasbro began including a plastic body with the toy. This was done to improve safety. The company also replaced the potato head’s signature holes with flat slats, making it harder for children to face the pieces the wrong way.

Mr. Potato Head felt board

My daughter’s friend Shara from palmettos and pigtails has been hosting a Mr. Potato Head party. This year, she made a felt board game using Mr. Potato Head Felts for her daughter’s birthday party. Shara also created a pin the tail on the donkey board for the party. Here are the details. The game is great for a boredom buster!

A Mr. Potato Head felt board is a quiet gift for a child. The board is made of felt, so it can be stored easily. The board is easy to assemble and allows children to attach felt pieces like they would with Colorforms. You can even turn it into a dice game! While the kids are playing, they can also work on their critical thinking skills. And, if they’re really into Mr. Potato Head, they can use the board to tell their own stories, too!

To create a Mr. Potato Head felt board game, you can download the template. The template looks like a potato. Use brown felt to trace it. Then, cut the template out and laminate the board. Make sure to use the transparent material, as this will prevent the story from being read under ultraviolet light. You’ll have a fun, creative Mr. Potato Head game to play! You’ll never guess how much your child will love it!

Very Hungry Caterpillar

This felt board story is an excellent introduction to the beloved Eric Carle book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The set includes 11 felt pieces and a learning guide. This set also helps introduce children to colors, rhyming, sequencing, numbers, and the laws of nature. Your child will learn about colors, numbers, and nature through this delightful story. And you’ll be amazed by how quickly your child learns and retains new information.

This colorful story has a timeless message. The very hungry caterpillar’s story will be remembered for many years to come. It teaches about animal biology, the life cycle, and how to take care of ourselves. Moreover, it also teaches about the importance of healthy eating. Unlike many children’s books, the Very Hungry Caterpillar also teaches children about the importance of vegetables and fruits.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar felt board is a wonderful arts and crafts item for preschool kids. It features an interactive story telling aspect that will encourage your child to use their imagination. The pieces are made of non-toxic felt that sticks to any surface. In addition, children can learn the day of the week and the importance of nutrition with this felt board story. You can use this set in your preschool or kindergarten program to help your child learn how to count, rhyme, and form motor skills.

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