Felt Board Stories For Scripture

For younger children, it’s best to keep scripture flannel board stories simple. A child may have trouble processing many details in a single sitting. In this case, you can repeat Jesus and the little lost lamb several times, so be sure to keep the flannel board simple and not cluttered. Also, don’t make people look like they’re floating in the air, as children tend to be smaller than adults.

Felt board stories

Felt board stories for scripture are a great way to share the Bible with kids. You can find several different sets, including the Beginning’s Bible ™, which has 13 felt story sets. These felt story sets include a variety of pre-cut Bible characters. The felt characters make it fun to share biblical stories, while the felt objects help children remember them. These sets are great for small children and can be used for religious or family stories.

Felt board nativity

A felt board nativity is an inexpensive alternative to fabric or metal Nativity sets. These colorful, multi-use crafts come with instructions, pictures, and extra-large felt pieces. Each piece includes a picture of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. You’ll also find a jingle bell and instructions for a hide-and-seek game. The set includes lyrics to popular Christmas songs and rhymes, as well as a list of picture books to read along with your felt board Nativity.

Felt board crucifixion

To help children learn the story of the crucifixion, begin by reading Luke 23:33. They can then pick a picture to represent this event. The word “crucify” means to nail a person’s hands and feet to a cross and leave them there to die. Jesus was nailed to the cross before noon on a Friday, and the sun stayed hidden from view for three hours. People who were watching were left in darkness, but the sound of Jesus crying “it is finished” was heard.

Felt board resurrection

The Felt Board Resurrection in Scripture set includes 12 felt figures, a story and lesson activity, and a Bible reference. The set also includes a coloring/sequencing page and 118 magnets for the periodic table. Each felt figure is about two inches tall and comes with an easy-to-follow pattern. Children will love the story and the visuals of the resurrection. For a more hands-on experience, you can use the felt figures to create stick puppets for the Easter story.

Felt board Christmas

Felt board stories are a great way to engage young children in the Christmas season. These easy to use felt board pieces come with a variety of different stories to choose from. A great way to include a wide variety of characters is to use a felt board with a jingle bell to create a hidden object game. Several Christmas picture books are also available, including the traditional Christmas tale, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Felt board nativity for Easter

Create a nativity scene using a felt board. This brightly colored set features seven pieces that can be moved around to tell the story of the Nativity. Each piece is about 9 inches tall, and includes the Infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, lamb, donkey, angel, and stable. Using a glue gun, you can also glue felt pieces on the back of the stable. Once dry, your felt board nativity set is ready for display.

Felt board nativity for Christmas

A felt board nativity for Christmas can be an inexpensive and easy way to teach your child the story of the birth of Christ. You can purchase a felt board nativity set that includes all the pieces you need to tell the story, as well as some songs and rhymes. This set includes the board itself, as well as laminated cardstock jingle bells and instructions for a “hide and seek” game. You can also use the felt board to introduce children to some classic Christmas picture books.

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