Five Popular Number Counting Songs For Preschoolers

If you want your child to learn the concept of number counting, then try a number counting song. Songs that contain a lilt are better for young children to grasp the concept of numbers faster. You can print out the lyrics and pin them on the walls of your classroom. Here are five popular songs:

Zoom Zoom

During the world health crisis, many people may need a way to stay connected. A Zoom number counting song might just be what you need. The simple song helps kids keep track of numbers while playing an exciting action game. It’s also fun to sing along while rocking the baby! Here are some other fun numbers songs. You might like to start with the ones associated with your country. We’ve included some of our favorites below.

Alice the Camel

This classic nursery rhyme, also known as Alice the Camel, is a great way to introduce children to early number counting. The five humps of Alice the Camel gradually disappear, until at the end, she’s just a mare. Parents can sing this song with their children to share the facts about camels. Children love hearing fun facts about camels and counting fingers while singing. Here are some ways to use the song as a counting rhyme:

The song can also be used to teach English number recognition. Children can sing along to the song and count by pointing to the humps of the camel. In fact, camels are a very common animal, with one or two humps on their backs. The words of Alice the Camel’s song will help them learn to recognize different numbers. They may even learn to recognize different numbers with the song!

Herman the Worm

If you want to teach your children how to count, Herman the Worm is the number counting song for you! This children’s song is fun and funny and incorporates learning about bugs, animals, and growth. You can sing this song while driving in the car or around the campfire. You can sing it over again, and kids love to join in! In this song, Herman the Worm grows bigger and larger as he eats everything.

You can also turn Herman the Worm’s Burger song into a memory game. Kids can try to remember all the items Herman has eaten in order to play the game. The goal is to remember as many items as possible! You can add in extra practice by teaching the names of vegetables and fruits to the song. The possibilities are endless! Here are some creative ways to teach your kids how to count using this song:

Five Little Monkeys

One of the most well-known nursery rhymes for counting out is The Five Little Monkeys. The song is a wonderful choice for young children as it combines the enjoyment of jumping on the bed with useful number practice. You can even use finger puppets to help your child learn how to count the monkeys. Listed below are some ways to use this song for preschoolers. Here are some ideas:

One of my favorite ways to use the Five Little Monkeys number counting song is to teach kids to count from one to five. I often use this with a Doctor theme in preschool. The children love to act out the parts of the Doctor, mother, and monkeys. It is a great way to introduce numbers and also inspire dramatic play and encourage use of an upright walker. Another excellent resource for teaching preschoolers is the Language Focused Curriculum for Preschool. The book gives age-appropriate expectations for a child’s development through a developmental continuum.

Ten in the Bed

A classic nursery rhyme, Ten in the Bed begins with the words “There are ten in the bed.” The number drops one each time the child rolls over. By the end of the song, there are none. This song has similar lyrics to the popular nursery rhyme, “Ten Green Bottles.” Download free sheet music for Ten in the Bed from our website! You can download it in PDF format! The lyrics are simple, and it’s a great introduction to number counting.

This popular nursery rhyme is a great way to introduce children to the concept of counting. Its repetitive verses are a perfect fit for the lullaby. Children are more likely to learn how to count down with a nursery rhyme than an actual counting game. Kindergarten children can play an easy game based on the song’s lyrics. They can count up to ten by rolling over one by one in the same direction.

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