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The first g-love-p album was Fixin’ to Die, released in 2014. The first single from the album was the acoustic ditty, “Just Fine.” The album also features a soulful Dobro solo, and it demonstrates G’s musical transformation. His roots, though, are still apparent, especially on the brokenhearted ballad “Just Fine.” The album features influences from the Avett Brothers, especially on the slower tracks.

Fixin’ to Die

On February 22, 2011, a new album called Fixin’ to Die will be released from Philly-based singer-songwriter G. Love. The album is a collection of original songs and rearranged traditionals from the singer’s own catalog, as well as covers of classic country songs. The Avett Brothers, who are cousins, also played a large role in the album’s creation. The brothers, who are also the band’s producers, were inspired by their own shared musical heritage and wanted to help Love achieve the same.

Throughout the album, the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and candid, raw vocals of G. Love are a central feature. Songs like “Get Going” feature a jangly blues groove reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s 1961 recording. “50 Ways to Leave a Lover” is a Paul Simon cover that opens the album with a duo of Avett brothers clapping a Steve Gadd beat. The track quickly becomes a delta blues-rock juke joint jamboree, complete with a harmonica solo, full drum ensemble, piano, and banjo.

G. Love has always been a hip-hop icon, but his new album is a surprisingly smooth affair. The Avett Brothers’ production is one of the best albums of the decade. G. Love has a great voice and a strong voice. He sings in his own voice and plays harmonica throughout the album, and the lyrics are as sharp as he is in his emcee days.

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