How to Add More Figures to a Flannel Board of Jesus

Your child will have a wonderful time making a flannel board of Jesus and His disciples. You can make many different types of boards using flannel sheets. They are a wonderful way to learn about Jesus while embracing the many different cultures of the world. Jesus is the most popular character and you can find a board with all the major world figures included. If your child is older, you can include additional figures every day.

Characters on a flannel board

For younger children, it may be helpful to limit the number of figures on a flannel board to one or two. Younger children may have trouble processing too many details at once. However, adding more characters each day can help keep the project fresh. Here are some ideas for adding extra figures to your storyboard:

A fisherman’s boat can be a great addition to any flannel board of Jesus. Place the fisherman and disciples under the boat, with a light blue background. If you want to create a scene where Jesus is walking on the water, consider creating waves on the board as well. Other stories about Jesus navigating the sea include Noah and the ark, Moses crossing the red sea, and various New Testament stories. In these stories, Jesus calmed the storm, told his disciples to cast their nets on the other side, and even walked on the water.


This colorful Alphabet flannel board of Jesus features the story of the Three Trees, a popular American folktale. This is an excellent way to explain the birth, ministry, and sacrifice of Christ. The board comes with 16 felt figures, each about 8 inches high. Children can use the felt figures to help them remember the story and connect the ABCs. For an additional cost, you can also purchase the story felt figures separately.

Counting to 10

You can also teach a lesson about Jesus using a flannel board. You can use a magnetic backed flannel board that sticks to the metal surface. The board can be used with magnetic letters or felt pieces. Older children can act as servants and serve their friends as props for the story. Older children can practice their control and grace while serving others.

Placement of characters on a flannel board

The Flannel Board Story Kit includes 119 additional figures, totaling 367. The additions expand the use of this tool and expand its story telling potential. The kit comes with detailed instructions for building a flannel board, constructing characters and setting background scenes, and using the figures to tell the story. Placement of characters on a flannel board of Jesus begins with the manger, where the baby Jesus is being born.

Benefits of a flannel board

A flannel board can teach children about a variety of subjects, including the Bible story, fables, and the alphabet. It’s also a great learning tool for early elementary children, allowing them to manipulate the soft fabric. Children can use the board to practice counting, writing, and making shapes. The board is also great for teaching shapes and the alphabet. And the kids love to play with it!

Flannel board presentations are ideal for ages three and up. Flannel board figures can be easily manipulated with velcro or sand paper. They can stick to the board and be rearranged to teach the child a new concept. This hands-on learning can help develop a child’s imagination and increase his or her self-expression. Flannel board stories can be used in a variety of settings, from a family activity to a preschool class.

Using a flannel board for Bible time

Using a flannel story board can be a great way to enhance your children’s Bible time. The flannel pieces make for great supplemental materials. The pieces should be arranged in order of use and in the background. Start by placing key figures on the board and illustrating movement with these. Young children have short attention spans and tend to prefer stories that feature God.

You can buy a flannel board set, but these tend to be pricey. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, try making your own with heavy cardboard, foam board, and felt. This will save you a lot of time, and your children will be happy to participate in the Bible stories. You can also create a simple flannel board using felt.

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