How to Make a Felt Story

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a felt story for your child, this craft is for you. Colorful felt is the perfect medium for creating fun and memorable characters, and you can also use velcro, also known as hook-and-loop tape, to attach the larger pieces to the felt board. Once the felt characters are complete, you can use markers or color pencils to add details to them. For extra color, you can also add wiggle eyes. You can also make colorful felt characters by laminating paper cutouts and sticking them to the board.


There are two different types of felt boards on the market today: the Watink felt story and the Crafstory. Both are similar in size, quality and price, but there are a few key differences. These differences should be considered when deciding which board to buy. The Watink felt story is the more popular choice, as it promotes creativity in young children. It contains thirty-five to sixty velcro-backed felt figures, and is very easy to install and remove from the board.


There are many benefits of using a Chefan’s felt story board. For example, it stimulates the imagination of kids. Aside from being visually appealing, it also works well as an art project. Children can use it for many different kinds of storytelling, art projects, and crafts. Listed below are some reasons why this felt board is so useful. You can use it to inspire your kids’ imagination and creativity! You can use it anywhere – it’s great for any room!


The popularity of Crafstory felt board stories has led to dozens of stores selling them. These felt board stories encourage imaginative play in children of all ages. In addition to encouraging imagination, they can also help children develop their literacy and numeracy skills. If you’re considering purchasing a Crafstory felt board, here are a few things to consider. Let’s compare the two and see which one suits your child’s needs.

Esjay brand

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While esjays are excellent products, a decision-maker should consider the aesthetics of their design before deciding whether to purchase them. The overall design of a product depends on many factors, including the type of materials used in the manufacturing process, the color scheme, and the visual weighting. For this reason, we recommend the esjay brand to anyone who is looking for a high-quality product with a premium feel.

Sailer And The Feltsy

There are plenty of felt story boards on the market. You can choose from realistic style or cartoon style illustrations depending on your child’s preferences. The company offers felt story boards in both tabletop and handheld sizes. Among the most popular types of felt stories are On the Farm, Sea Creatures, Alien Planets, and Scurvy Pirates. And if you’re on a budget, you can get them from 3 Little Arrows Design for a fraction of the price!

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