How to Make a Kids Christmas Bible Lesson Fun and Engaging

The most important gift given to mankind on Christmas is Jesus Christ. Though He came to earth as a baby, he was predicted long before. The Bible contains two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament tells the history of God’s people before Jesus was born. It begins with creation and ends about 400 years before Jesus was born. During Christmas, you should focus on the gift of Jesus and all that He has done for mankind.


You can make a Christmas Bible lesson fun by including some games! Children can divide into teams and each take turns reading parts of the story of Jesus’ birth. The Bible passage can be from Matthew or Luke. If the children do not know the story, they can try reading any other passage. Then, the team that gets the most “wows” wins. In addition to games, you can use Christmas Bible stories to teach moral lessons.

One fun game is a Bible passage search game. Each child or team must try to find a Bible passage in as little time as possible without reading the passage out loud. The first person to get five points wins! You can play this game in teams or with partners. You can choose how many points you want the children to get. Then, they can record the results in a journal or file them away in a box.

Coloring pages

You can use Christmas coloring pages for your kids to learn about the birth of Christ. These pages can be used in a classroom setting or at home to reinforce Bible lessons. Choose a coloring page based on Matthew 2:11 to emphasize that all people are welcome to worship Jesus. You can also use other Christmas stories as inspiration. There are free Christmas coloring pages that will teach your kids the Christmas story. These coloring pages will help develop focus, color recognition, and creativity.

Christmas coloring pages can help children imagine how God created the world and why He came to earth. This is a great time to teach children about forgiveness and grace. The birth of Jesus Christ is an exciting time of year, and kids love hearing about it. This is an opportunity to send a message of hope and salvation to the world. For parents, you can even have your kids put on a little skit or story time based on the Christmas story. A child can be a part of the story by imagining the story of the birth of Jesus, Mary holding the baby, and the animals in the manger looking at the newborn King.


One way to get kids involved in a Christmas Bible lesson is by creating crafts that involve faith. One of these is a felt ornament that teaches children about Jesus. It’s simple to make and can also be a great way to talk about Jesus’ birth and his light in the darkness. If you’re looking for craft ideas for Christmas Bible lessons, there are several easy projects to choose from. Here are a few ideas for your next lesson.

For younger children, a simple craft can be a paper plate nativity scene. This involves cutting out the baby Jesus and preparing the plate for the star. The activity will require good hand-eye coordination. Once completed, the nativity scene is a beautiful decoration that kids can display on their tree. Another idea is to make a nativity star using cinnamon sticks, felt, and a paper plate.

Nativity scene

While a Nativity scene may look adorable, this traditional scene is not biblical. The Bible does not mention the animals that are typically present in a Nativity scene, so you’re missing out on the real story. Instead, you’re missing out on Jesus, the greatest gift to mankind. In a kids Christmas bible lesson, you’ll introduce Jesus by showing the real story of His birth. Your child will enjoy this time of reflection and learning.

After setting up the nativity scene, let your child begin the story by retelling the birth of Jesus. Start by telling them that Jesus was born in a manger, and that Mary and Joseph were not yet living in Bethlehem. When the leader of the country called for a census, they moved to Bethlehem to be closer to the baby Jesus. When they came, they brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and were greeted by the angel Gabriel.

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