How to Make Felt Elephants

Make your child’s imagination come alive by making felt elephants. Make one with a printable pattern, or use doll eyes made of fabric paint or markers. You can also hand embroider the body of the elephant. You can find printable patterns for both types of elephants on the Internet. Felt elephants make adorable decorations on the walls, furniture, and more. The possibilities are endless. Listed below are some ideas to get you started.

Felt elephants

If you want your child to make their own small felt elephants, you can follow a simple pattern and add doll eyes using fabric paint or markers. You can even use hand embroidery to add details to the elephant body. Here are some easy steps to make a felt elephant:

The first step in making a felt elephant is to cut it out. You can cut out a number of small elephants. Then, cut out a circle from the middle of each elephant’s trunk. Sew the pieces together with a sewing machine. A straight stitch will help hold the fringe in place. You can also hand sew the fringe ends to the elephant’s trunk. It’s as easy as that!

Felt elephant pattern

To make a small felt elephant, use the following pattern. You need two pieces of grey felt and four different ear shapes. Cut out each piece and pin or stitch them together, leaving about 10cm of open space in the center. Sew the head and body sections together. Leave the ear tips open, and then sew the body and head together using back stitching. After sewing, press open the elephant. Repeat Steps 4 to 5 for the tail and head.

The body of the elephant should be embroidered with a single bead. Make a small hole and work in the eye. This will make the elephant look complete. Then add a little washer to the back of the eye. The whole thing should be about four to nine inches tall. Now you’re ready to create your small felt elephant. The pattern is available online. You can read other customers’ reviews of the pattern by looking at the website.

Felt elephants on a Belgian chocolate square

A small felt elephant adorn with a crown sits atop a double-wrapped Belgian chocolate square. The chocolate square itself is a great gift for any occasion. The gift is a perfect way to share some love with someone special. Small felt elephants on a Belgian chocolate square makes a wonderful gift for any elephant lover. Whether for a child or a grown-up, this unique gift will make a wonderful holiday present.

Felt elephants as decorations

Small felt elephants can be used as Christmas decorations for a variety of reasons. They make adorable decorations at Christmas time, and they’re fun to make as gifts as well. You can make the animals out of wool felt remnants, add a hat, and attach a hanger at the back. You can also make these elephants with an embroidery machine. To make them, you’ll need wool felt remnants, sewing cardboard, a tear-away stabilizer, and embroidery thread.

A small felt elephant is a beautiful decoration for a child’s room. Using one of these adorable animals as a decoration is a unique and easy way to give your child a gift at Christmas time. This decoration is handmade in Nepal and is Fair Trade certified. This ornament can hold a gift, a piece of mistletoe, or a pudding. The elephants are soft to touch but also have a sturdy back.

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