How to Make Pom-Poms For a Baby Finger Puppet Glove

A cute baby finger puppet glove for your little one is a great way to entertain them. This particular model from Chicco is full of colourful farm characters and many other exciting elements. Your child can play with the finger puppets as they go along and learn new things along the way. Read on to discover how you can make pom-poms for your finger puppets. And be sure to check out our tips for making the finger puppets yourself.

Characters from Old MacDonald Had a Farm and Five Little Monkeys

A nursery rhyme finger puppet glove can be used as a fun activity for children. It combines singing with actions to create a lively and imaginative play environment. You can buy one featuring little ducks, Five Little Monkeys, or woodland animals. A woodland finger puppet glove is also great for teaching names and sounds of animals. If your child is into farm animals, a green version is a great choice.

Characters from nursery rhymes

This adorable collection of baby finger puppet gloves includes a variety of popular nursery rhymes for children. From Five Little Monkeys to The Three Little Pigs, your child will love making and playing with these finger puppets. This series comes with six finger puppets from six nursery rhymes. The set is presented in a beautiful presentation box with story cards that teach your child important moral lessons. These adorable finger puppets also encourage imaginative play and introduce different animal sounds.

Ways to make pom-poms for finger puppets

Baby finger puppets can be made with pipe cleaners or pom-poms. Glue them onto a pipe cleaner for a quick and easy project. You can also add googly eyes or felt ears. Regardless of the size or shape of the puppet, it will be an enjoyable craft project for your child. Listed below are a few ways to make pom-poms for baby finger puppets.

First, make a face. Make a mini yellow pom-pom and glue it onto the face of the large pom-pom. Next, make two or three branch shapes from the same pipe cleaner. Then, glue a medium-sized pom-pom to the ends of the branches. Make sure that the branches are different lengths and have a rounded edge. Repeat with a second set of pipe cleaners to make a hat or tail.

Suitable for very young babies

A baby toy should be supportive of baby’s brain and body development, which includes milestones such as rolling over and clutching. It should also encourage your child to track movements using their eyes. A baby toy can help your child develop these skills while offering you quiet time! Here are some toys that you can consider buying for your baby:

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