How to Make Your Five Little Ducks Felt Board Story Come to Life

If your preschooler is interested in retelling the classic five little ducks story, then you’ll love this felt board activity. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced felt board maker, you can create a custom felt board that includes the mother duck and her five little ducklings. The story isn’t original, but the bold illustrations are sure to keep your group engaged in the rhyme. This felt activity goes perfectly with the story and keeps young children engaged throughout.

Creating a felt board story

If you’re looking for a fun way to make your five little ducks felt board story come to life, there are a couple of different ideas you can use. First, you can print out some coloring pages. Use the primary colors, or use a few different colors and print the numbers for your children. Afterward, you can have them sing along with you by placing the felt board characters in order. You can also reinforce the colors of the ducklings with a feltboard coloring page.

To keep little children engaged, you can also include the lyrics for a five little ducks song. These are set to the tunes of classic preschool songs. For an even more entertaining storytime, add some percussion and rhythm to the story. Once the children have finished their felt boards, they can sing along with the song to make their own version of the classic. You can also sing along with the song with the children when it’s time to change the tune.

Once you have your felt board, you can introduce the story by singing the song. You can do this while the children are seated or gathered in a circle or eating their meal. You can also use a large die to introduce colour and number recognition. The children can take turns rolling the die and placing the corresponding shapes on the felt board. Once the children get the hang of the song, you can use the felt board to create finger plays or stories.

Making a felt board with animals

Felt is an excellent medium for children to illustrate finger plays. You can purchase recycled plastic “felt” from craft stores or make your own by following the instructions that come with the materials. After cutting out the felt shapes, you can adhere them to the foam board with glue or friction. Glue is also a great option if you don’t have your own. Once your felt board is completed, you can display it in a family room or other prominent location.

Felt boards are a classic learning tool and are ideal for storytelling, weather lessons, holiday shapes, and alphabet games. However, they can wear out over time. If your children are fond of felt, consider making your own felt board from scratch! It’s easy to make and doesn’t require any special skills. Make several felt boards and play with them! You’ll have many hours of fun! And don’t worry if your first few creations don’t turn out so well.

Once you’ve made a felt board with all the pieces, you can sort them into columns, using small coloured pieces to label each animal’s role. This way, children can learn how to identify the animals in their environment. As they continue to play with their felt animals, they can also play simple games with them, like counting the cows and chickens. In addition, they can learn about the life cycle of the chicken and its various parts.

Creating a felt board with a mom (or dad)

Create a felt board with your child’s artwork with easy-to-find materials and a cheap frame. An inexpensive frame like the FISKBO frame from IKEA is both lightweight and colorful. The perfect size for a felt board, the frame is available for $7.99. You’ll also need a rotary cutter or scissors to cut the felt rectangle into a desired shape. When finished, iron the piece to remove any creases.

Felt boards are great for learning, too. Whether you’re looking for a fun craft activity or a new activity for your child to do with Mom or Dad, creating a felt board is a great way to engage your little one’s senses while teaching a lesson or reviewing a story’s sequence of events. And because they’re cheap and easy to make, you can do it yourself with minimal materials and time!

First, purchase some felt pieces. Felt piece sets come in a wide variety of shapes, such as letters and animals. You can also find alphabet, number, and Bible story sets. You can also purchase supplies like googly eyes, colored markers, ribbon, and pom-poms. There are even online resources for patterns, rhymes, and instructions to help you create your felt pieces.

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