How to Retell the Five Snowmen and Five Children Story

Have you ever wondered how to retell the five snowmen and five children story? The answer to these questions lies in the many ways you can extend the learning of the story. Here are some of the possibilities:

Retelling the story of the 5 Little Snowmen

The timeless story of the 5 Little Snowmen is one of the most popular children’s books. Children love the beautiful illustrations and the witty text in this new retelling by Michael Morpurgo. In this version, James the Snowman wakes up to a snowstorm and spends the day making the perfect snowman with coal eyes and an old green hat. When nightfall arrives, the Snowman comes to life and they go on a magical adventure where they meet someone special.

Another fun retelling of the classic poem is by creating snowmen puppets. These can be printed and cut out, and taped to plastic spoons or craft sticks. Children can act out the story while clapping their fingers. They will love how creative and entertaining the puppets can be! Children will enjoy the rhyming text and the adorable illustrations. You can also make your own puppets for this story.

Making snowmen

This Christmas, make snowmen with your kids! This winter holiday craft is perfect for the whole family. You can even do it together! Here are some simple ideas:

Glue Sticks – A great way to make your craft stickier is by using a glue stick. Then, stick each stick together using a piece of tissue paper or other thin fabric. For the scarf, use a thin fabric strip instead of stiff ribbon. Use leftover craft supplies as scarfs – you can even use the scarf to decorate the snowman! You can also string the snowmen together for a festive display.

Fleece Blanket – This makes an excellent felt board for building snowmen – and prevents the parts from sliding around the tray. The older children loved working in the styrofoam tray while the little ones preferred to work directly on the table. One of the 3 year olds wasn’t quite so conventional – he just liked exploring the different materials. He grouped plastic crystals and stacked up cotton makeup pads.

Sibling rivalry

In this classic tale by Daniel J. Mahoney, sibling rivalry is explored through the interactions between siblings. Older brother Dan becomes jealous of his younger sister, Kate, when she decides to sample the birthday cake. But Snowman Paul comes up with an idea to save Kate’s birthday. This book addresses sibling rivalry, the importance of teamwork, and the value of learning from mistakes.

In the first half of the 20th century, the problem of sibling rivalry became a scientific issue, with millions of parents being pressed for action. It was even made into a formal concept, with experts advising parents to discourage early intrusions of jealousy. And, of course, books on the subject sold buckets of copies. The authors of this popular book also acknowledged the role of celebrity celebrities in the rise of sibling rivalry.

Extending the learning

When reading the Five Snowmen and Five Children story with your children, you might want to extend the learning experience. Try dramatizing it with your children. For example, you might have one child play the role of the sun while another child plays the role of the snowman. Then, after singing the song, the children can pretend to build new snowmen. Afterward, hand them the manipulatives from Math Magic.

You can also use the story to introduce addition and subtraction through the child’s activity bags. Whether your children have been counting snowmen all their lives or you’d like to make them learn about numbers by comparing the number of snowmen in a row, your students will enjoy the lilting rhymes and the fun pictures. For more fun activities, visit The Teacher Store or Scholastic.

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