Ideas For Flannel Board Fun

The flannel board is a great way to add visual appeal to songs and rhymes. It can also be a great game board. Here are some ideas for fun with a flannel board. If you’re short on time, consider purchasing a flannel board kit. And if you’re looking for something a little more portable, you can try an app called Felt Board. Download this app for $2.99 on Android and iTunes.

Making a flannel board

A flannel board is a great way to add pizzazz to your program without spending a lot of money. You can purchase inexpensive cork bulletin boards at Target, Walmart, and other discount retailers. Use a large bulletin board for a big landscape, or a smaller one for a travel-size flannel board. To start, cut flannel to fit the board. Overlap the flannel one inch on the board. Then push it under the frame with a butter knife, working in a clockwise direction. Trim the edges to prevent fraying.

Next, wrap the board in flannel. Lay the flannel out on a table or other hard surface. Smooth out any wrinkles. Center the board on the flannel and pull it over the board one side at a time. Repeat to cover the entire board. After each wrap, check for wrinkles. Once the board is completely covered, you can remove the flannel and hang it up.

Using a flannel board as a game board

Instead of using traditional game boards, try making your own flannel board by making it from cardboard and felt fabric. You can even use pizza boxes for the board. Using a flannel board to play this classic game is a great way to teach early literacy skills. Once your child understands how to play, you can incorporate it into your routine by using it as a game board.

Create a flannel board representing wild animals found in your area. Divide the board into two categories: predator and pray. Have children sort the animals into their respective categories by hoof prints or footprints. Once they’ve sorted the animals, pair them with their corresponding footprints. If you’re looking for a game to make the child think, use their imagination.

Using a flannel board as a visual enhancement for songs and rhymes

Felt board stories are especially fun to teach because they are visually stimulating. Many children enjoy re-creating these stories using the pieces of a flannel board. Not only does this increase the child’s imagination, but it also fosters self-expression. The benefits of flannel board stories are obvious, and they have been loved by children of all ages for decades.

Felt pieces on a flannel board can help children learn the alphabet, and can also spark conversations about the story or the picture. Children can use the felt pieces to reinforce important language and math concepts, as well as social/emotional skills. They can also be used to share tips about storytelling with parents during in-person storytimes. If you want to learn more about the benefits of flannel boards, you can visit the blog Story Time Secrets, by Katie Fitzgerald.

Choosing a flannel board for storytelling

Choosing a flannel boards for storytelling is a great way to introduce new vocabulary and give a context to the anecdotes that you share with children. The boards are often used to spark discussion, but you can also use them to improvise and come up with new topics. Flannel boards can be used as educational resources or as a storytelling aid, and you can make your own or purchase one.

The first step in creating an excellent flannel board for storytelling is choosing the right color. Choose a bright, colorful flannel board to serve as the backdrop of your story. If you’re using fairy tales from around the world, make sure the picture you choose fits the story. The picture should also reflect the cultural background or historical style. European fairy tales come from the middle ages and are often depicted in prints and tapestries. Choose a board in a shade of green that is suitable for your story. Pale blue flannel is also beautiful for skies. Beige flannel is also good for storytelling because it helps your child to use their imagination.

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