Name Tag For Daniel and the Lions Den Elementary School Craft

A great lesson plan for a Daniel and the Lions Den unit is to create a name tag and play a review game. This way, your children can discuss why Daniel was so brave to spend time with wild animals. After all, we wouldn’t want to be in Daniel’s shoes! You can also talk about the importance of being protected by God. The lesson can be expanded to discuss heaven and hanging out with lions.

Lesson plan

In this lesson plan, we are going to explore the story of Daniel and the Lions Den. Daniel was a boy who was taken to Babylon along with his friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. In this story, a new king is crowned, and the lions are out to get Daniel. Thankfully, Daniel made a wise choice, and was saved.

To begin, have students trace around a cookie cutter using a pencil. After that, they can assemble their creations and decorate them. You can provide the materials needed for this activity, such as glitter glue and sparkly glue. You can also use precut circles and provide children with a lion’s name. When the students have finished, they can enjoy eating their creations! After all, what kid doesn’t want to eat cake?

For a preschool or kindergarten class, you may want to use this craft. For children, this project is a bit easier than a paper craft, and it is a great way to reinforce the story. It’s perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners and is suitable for use with all ages. It requires a basic understanding of how to tie a knot, but the end result will make the children feel that they have learned a valuable lesson.


The children will love this activity for several reasons. Children are naturally curious about animals and can talk about what it was like for Daniel to spend time with lions. This craft also provides a great opportunity for your child to learn about how God protects us from danger. He will be able to relate to Daniel’s experiences, and he will also learn that God will take care of us when we are not.

The children can create a mosaic of lions and angels by folding a picture of an angel and a lion with its mouth closed. The children can learn the lessons of Daniel and the Lions from the story while they create their masterpiece. You can also download the full-sized printable diagram pattern to accompany the craft. After the children have completed the mosaic, they can discuss what Daniel learned from his adventure in the lion’s den.

Review game

As your child listens to Daniel’s story about being taken to Babylon by the lions, he might ask questions like, “What did he do?” The answer may be surprising! The lions had come out of hiding and he’s now surrounded by them! To find out who’s tagging Daniel, he can try using masks to represent the lions.

The lions didn’t kill Daniel in the lions’ den, and God sent an angel to seal their mouths. In addition to a roaring contest, you can create a peace sign or a signal to encourage your students to use their five senses to improve their memory. Make this a fun activity that involves all five senses! Your students will have a blast!

Name tag

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Bible craft for your preschooler or kindergartener, consider the Name Tag for Daniel and the Lions Den craft. This craft is not your typical paper craft, and kids of all ages will enjoy making it. Just be sure to check out the instructions carefully before you begin! Make sure your students know how to tie a knot. This craft also helps reinforce Bible lessons.

The name tag for Daniel and the Lions Den craft teaches children the story of Daniel and his journey to freedom from the den of lions. This activity requires three pieces of paper, one for each character in the story. The first piece of paper serves as Daniel’s name tag, and the second piece represents the rock that covers the den. When the rock is rolled over the hole in the den, the king’s signet ring seals it.

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