Storytelling With a Snowman Flannel Board

With a snowman flannel board, you can play games that will encourage your children to keep their hands busy. For example, you can create a simple matching game, using felt cutouts of a snowman as the pieces. You can also use a snowman flannel board to practice counting to 10 and story-telling. We used a flannel board for both of these activities.

Simple match-up game

This simple match-up game on a snowman flannel board uses the shapes of the board to make the pieces look like buttons. For example, a triangle on top of another became a tree. A tower of large circles formed a snowman. A girl is adding buttons to the snowman’s belly. Skyler was quite engaged in the activity, and soon he was ready for another round.

Add some felt cutouts of snowmen to the flannel board for a winter-themed match-up game. These adorable snowmen will inspire hands-on play and learning for your toddlers. You can even use them as quiet-time activities to encourage interaction between the child and the board. Once you have them engaged in this activity, you can add a few pom-poms, cotton balls, and mini erasers for extra fun.

Felt cutouts of a snowman

Felt cutouts of a wintery snowman on a flannel board are a great way to incorporate a winter theme into any quiet time activity. They’re an easy way to promote hands-on play and learning for toddlers and preschoolers. The cutouts can also be used for other winter activities such as decorating mittens and adding a bow tie.

To make a felt snowman, start by cutting out a flannel snowman and a mitten from light blue felt. Cut out a triangle from the green felt and insert it into the corresponding white pocket. You can reposition the trees and clouds as needed, and cut out snowmen from white felt. Glue the snowman shapes together to make it firmer.

Storytelling with a flannel board

Flannel board games are a great way to include flannel pieces in your storytime routine. These simple games encourage open-ended conversation and teach the serve-and-return model of talking. Flannel boards are an excellent choice for polar units or winter themes, and you can even find sets that include the flannel pieces as well! Let’s explore some ideas for storytelling with a snowman flannel board.

To create a story using this material, find a picture of a snowman. Choose a color for the figure. It’s best to go with a neutral color, like white. You can also create a fun tan-colored snowman. You can also cut out a few triangles for counting or semicircles for monsters. Once you’ve cut out the figures, you can attach them to the flannel board with fusible interfacing. You can buy this material at a fabric store or online. You can also use fabric glue or spray adhesive to attach the figures to the board. Be sure to remember that plain Elmer’s glue may not be as durable as fabric glue.

Counting to 10

Counting to ten can be tricky for little ones. You can help them learn the skill by making a snowman flannel board with white stickers. Add numbers to the board and play the number game. Your child will love it! You can even make it into a snowman game using dice. For even more fun, you can even laminate it for added durability.

This low-prep math activity is perfect for extra practice, a math center in your classroom, or homeschool math curriculum. Simply download the free template and a pdf file containing the instructions. Once the file has opened, you can print it out for your child to use. Here are some ideas:

Learning alphabet

This free ABC printables activity is perfect for any age. It can help young children learn their ABCs and letter sounds by matching the letters to the corresponding top hat. The top hats can also be used for other activities, such as spelling a child’s name or sight words. Learning the alphabet is a crucial part of developing strong literacy skills, and this snowman flannel board activity is an excellent way to do this.

Once your child has identified each letter, the next step is to have him or her stamp it onto the snowman’s face. You can add a hat or nose, if you like. This activity can be repeated as many times as needed, but don’t worry if your child doesn’t complete it the first time. With time, they will get the hang of it. Make sure to laminate the board for added safety.

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