Sunday School Lesson – Daniel and the Lions Den

The Bible lesson “Daniel and the Lions Den” is a perfect way to teach your students about the importance of faith and courage. Learn about the great sacrifice Daniel made by praying to God and obeying King Darius. Then, learn about how the lions killed Daniel and ate him alive! This lesson will bring joy to your students! The whole Bible lesson is available as an instant digital download to all members of The Resource Room.

Daniel prayed to God

Did you know that in the Bible story about Daniel, he prayed to God before going into the lions’ den? Daniel was one of the kings of Israel, Judah, and Jerusalem, and his enemies included King Saul, a rebellious king who wanted to rule all of the kingdoms and kill all of the people. The king’s helpers had been watching him, and they knew when he prayed to God. So, they took him to the king. The king put a seal on the stone by melting wax and pressing a ring into it. Daniel was then safe, and they were all glad to help him.

The king’s officials, however, found no fault with Daniel and made a new law preventing people from praying to God except for the king. In addition, any person who broke the law would be thrown into the lions’ den. Despite the new law, Daniel continued to pray to God three times a day and went to a window to pray. Eventually, administrators spotted him in the act, and the king found out.

King Darius made a new law

In the Sunday school lesson Daniel and the lions’ den, a new king named Darius is introduced. This king of Persia is shown to be a good man. He encourages Daniel and assures him that God will deliver him. He may have read the historical record of the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar and come to believe in the God of the Hebrews.

Upon hearing the story of the lions’ den, the king was very upset. He had worked all day and until sunset to rescue his favorite servant. However, he had not been able to change the law, so the men gathered accusations against Daniel. The king favored Daniel, but he couldn’t change it. Therefore, he had Daniel thrown into the lions’ den.

Daniel obeyed king’s law

In this lesson, you will learn about how Daniel obeyed a king’s law by bringing a stone to the mouth of the lions den. Daniel’s behavior was bold, but not in a threatening way. Instead, he was confident and courageous because he believed God would deliver him. The king told his men that Daniel would be saved by God.

When the law was signed, Daniel began praying three times daily to God. His faithfulness to the king’s law was evident, and the king, Darius, heard that Daniel was praising God. Because he admired Daniel, the king made him promise that God would deliver him. Daniel was delivered, but the king’s wicked administrators tried to frame him and make him suffer.

Lions ate Daniel

The story of Daniel in the lion’s den is a familiar one in the Bible. The story tells how an old man named Daniel was put into a lion’s den. Daniel was a devout follower of God in a world filled with wicked influences and temptation. Because he lived in such a dangerous world, he knew temptation was always around. This story can be used to remind Christians to be cautious in our own lives, as well as to keep our faith in God and His Word.

In the Bible, Daniel was an important man, who was in charge of a lot of things. Because of this, the jealous men devised a plan to get rid of Daniel. The jealous men convinced the king to enact a law that said no one could pray to any god for 30 days. If someone dared to do so, they would be thrown into the lion’s den!

King Darius was troubled

The story of Daniel and the lions den is a famous story in the Bible. It was written about the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, who was so furious that he wanted to kill all three Hebrews. The story reveals how King Darius’ response to the report from Daniel caused the king to be troubled. While King Nebuchadnezzar was furious when told of Daniel’s refusal to submit to his will, King Darius’ reaction was different.

After reading the Bible story, it is important to recognize the role of God in this tale. In the story, Daniel’s God helped him interpret the writing on the wall, which King Darius was unable to understand. The king was also unaware that Daniel was a follower of God. He had no idea about Daniel’s faith, so his bosses enlisted the help of other leaders to fool him into believing the false information.

King Darius was happy that Daniel obeyed king’s law

According to the story, Daniel had a strong faith in God. He knew the law was in place, but still he did not change his service to God. He continued praying to God three times a day and giving thanks to God. When his enemies reported him to King Darius, he tried to save him. After he was cast into a lion’s den, Darius found him alive.

In his response to Daniel, King Darius acknowledged God as the sovereign of the universe and declared that the God of Daniel was greater than his own kingdom. In his mind, the God of Daniel is greater than the king of Babylon. In addition, Daniel’s peers may have been jealous of his success. King Darius was happy that Daniel obeyed his law, but it is unclear if God granted him favor with the king.

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