Wheels on the Bus Felt Board Template

A felt board template will allow you to make a Felt board of your own. The wheels on the bus template comes with ten felt pieces that go round. Afterwards, you can use the felt pieces to decorate the board to make it more interesting. For a more advanced felt board, you can use a different template if you want. This way, you can customize the board to your child’s needs.

Feel board template

A Wheels on the Bus felt board template is an excellent way to encourage your young child to learn about different types of vehicles. Cut out different shapes and colors of felt and have your child position them on the board. This is a perfect activity for small groups or library programs for young children. Incorporate a song about cars by singing “The Seals on the Bus,” and you’ll be well on your way to a great lesson.

This easy-to-follow template includes 10 felt story pieces, sturdy cardstock word sheets, and an activity guide. You’ll also find plenty of hook dots to help your child connect the pieces. The Wheels on the Bus template is an excellent way to engage your child’s imagination, while also teaching important literacy skills. It also encourages early reading comprehension and communication skills. Designed for ages two and up, the Wheels on the Bus felt board template is a great way to incorporate the popular song, “Wheels on the Bus.”

Felt board template

This easy-to-create felt board template features the classic children’s song, “Wheels on the Bus.” Youngsters love this song, which slows down at the end of each verse to allow small hands to manipulate the motions of the bus. Once the children have completed their felt car creation, they can sing along with the words and patterns of the song to create their own version of the board. Moreover, it’s great for small groups and library programs where only a few children can attend.

The template features 10 felt pieces for the story and sturdy cardstock word sheets. The wheels move round, while the words are arranged in an activity guide. It’s a great tool for early reading comprehension and communication skills. A colorful, fun-filled felt board is also a great way to introduce important details and vocabulary. Unlike other felt board templates, this template includes 10 pieces. It has enough hook dots for children to connect each piece and enact the story.

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